Radio Productions


Radio Farrell wants to help you unleash your broadcasting and advertising potential. Our radio segments are filled with entertaining and informative content, delivering the precise message to your audience at exactly the right moment.
We offer unique, compelling and high quality radio segments
Our radio productions appeal to a wide audience, and we specialize in capturing and holding people’s attention with intriguing information. Our trivia segments are 15 to 30 seconds of little-known and surprising facts that are perfect for striking up conversations with coworkers and friends. Our “The Story Behind the Quote” segments reveal the history of famous quotes, beginning with a 15-second teaser that opens to a commercial and returns with the 75-second rousing story. If you have a specific idea that needs produced, we also create customized segments that target your particular market.


 We value your audience     

Radio Farrell TowerRadio Farrell understands that success in radio broadcasting is held within the power of the spoken word. We know that advertising is sometimes getting that single opportunity to reach an audience and to convey a message. We know that your audience’s time is important. That’s why our segments are cleverly designed in a succinct package. We capture attention and hold it. Over and over again.  

Let us inspire, entertain and increase your audience    

By sponsoring our segments, you deliver messages to your listeners in a very powerful way. Please listen to our segment demos to experience the depth of our compelling recordings. Then give us a call at 605-321-5800 for a free consultation where we can discuss the ideal plan for your radio programming and advertising.